Our objective is to take Scotland for Jesus.

This will be done by prayer and by preaching, as well as by effective implementation of the fivefold ministry. Of course, we do not propose to do this by ourselves, which is why we are happy to have active partnerships with churches and ministries who have the same goals and vision.

Reaching people is the easy part; communicating with them effectively is the challenge. Sadly, we no longer live in a culture where reference to biblical stories, concepts and values will be a familiar thing to people. The old culture of Sunday School attendance and Bible teaching in schools is long gone. This means many are scripturally illiterate and this has disadvantages because Christian “jargon” is gobblededook to lots of people. However, it also has advantages in that people are not programmed so much with religiosity. In short, a simple presentation of the Christian message is the most effective means of hitting people in their heart.

The Gospel message is a message to the heart. Whilst God’s Word can be and is intellectually satisfying, it is written to the inner man. This means the old-fashioned concept of “winning souls” is vital for this 21st century. We are not about intellectual arguments but about persuading souls. All of us must eventually surrender the doubts of our minds to embrace faith in God’s reality and His willingness & ability to save us. Our souls (mind, will, emotions) are saved as we surrender our hearts (spirits) to God in Christ.

So we seek to reach and persuade men, women and children to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. This must never be a complicated process; Scripture teaches that the simple declaration that Jesus is Lord has saving power. That said, every believer comes by their own path to Christ – some instantly upon hearing a simple declaration of the Gospel and others by a more convoluted journey. Nonetheless, we present a very simple message in this ministry: Declare Jesus is Lord and be part of the family of God.

If you want to be involved in what we are doing, please get in touch.

If you wish to discuss how REVIVAL SCOTLAND can partner with your church/ministry to reach your community effectively, please contact us.